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Jan 12, 2013

My little super

Everything about the Lyric Opera of Chicago is huge...just an amazing building
Karrick had his 1st rehearsal for Die Meistersinger at the The Lyric Opera of Chicago. He jumped right in and got to work. The kid is a natural.

Karrick's castmate and guess what? He lives in Lombard...just a few blocks away. Small freakin world. They hit it right off
Karrick and a little girl were cast as the children of the two in back wearing orange and blue. That gave Karrick a little more stage time and direction
Needless to say, Karrick had a ball and was amazed when the adults sang. He has never heard of Opera before...he is just in love with it and wishes he spoke German. It is just beautiful when they sing. It's actually weird because the people look like normal older people and when they open their mouths this amazing sound comes out . just mesmerizing 

 I want a badge

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Mel said...

This is so exciting!! Be sure to send along ticket information!