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Jan 10, 2013

Photoshoot for movie

Tuesday night we headed to Berwyn. The writer/director of Karrick's movie Coloring wanted the kids to all come back and color. They got to choose either Pilgrims or Indians to color in their own likeness. As you can see Karrick chose Indians. His Indian's are blond with very pale skin. Arif, then took pictures of each kid holding up there artwork. They will be added to the film as the story line is based on kids exploring their heritage and skin color.
While there we got to watch the rough cut of the film. It is so cute! Not to mention seeing your child on the screen...Karrick is stinking cute! Karrick loved it and was thrilled that he has second billing on the credits.  "Karrick McGinty"  in big letters roles across the screen. We also got to listen to the song the kids recorded...just precious.
Coloring is due to premier in 2 weeks downtown. They want to have it on 1 of 2 days, the 1st day Karrick is free, but the other date he is scheduled for Opera rehearsal. That would just stink if he didn't get to walk down the red carpet. What can you do? Nothing, it's just life of a budding star I guess

Karrick "mom, can you take a piture of this piece of popcorn and make me all blurry in the background?"
Of course I can. The kid knows about aperture

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