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Jan 5, 2013

Lombard Fire Dept- 100 years

January 3rd, 2013 Lombard's Fire Department celebrated 100 years of service. Proir to that it was a volunteer fire dept. called Glenbard Fire Dept. (Glen Ellyn-Lombard).
I have the honor of sitting on the Centennial Committee. After much preparation we had our kick off celebration Thursday (Jan 3). It was just wonderful. I have learned a great deal about my village history throughout these last few months.
I am the photographer for the events and had the honor of capturing our new chief, 2 new firefighters, pictures of all 3 shifts of ff's and our current apparatus' to go into the new time capsule. 
The event was attended by present LFD personnel, retired LFD, village officials and FF's from Chicago and surrounding suburbs.
One of Lombard's retired chiefs Jack Jones, served on the committee...he is 88 years old and a walking history book of the LFD and Glenbard Fire Service.

 Lombard's new Fire Chief Paul DiReinzo

The training room was converted into a museum . The walls were originally a light blue. One of the firemen built the bunker case that now houses 3 different era's of gear (above). Many artifacts were loaned or donated for the event. We spent the day before the party decorating the room.
Below a history of the rigs were displayed, the 1st and 3rd on bottom row from the right I took

The ceremonial flag was raised by the honor guard as the truck sirens blarred

The chairman of the committe, Battalion Chief Commes on the R in the above pictures gave a thank you, during his speech. When he got to me he thanked me for my hours of dedication, talked about my ties to CFD Engine 18 and the boats etc. I never felt so honored, I almost cried. I feel like they are doing me a favor by letting me be part of this celebration.
Well, the Chicago Fire Dept Chief, Chief Burke (below L wearing white hat) came up to me and asked my name and what my connections to E 18 were. My dad of course. He worked with my dad way back when (honestly everyone knows my dad...quite the name he has) . Now Chief Burke works with my brother (different shift) in Englewood
Small world I tell you.
Chief Burke grew up in Lombard, his father was an Asst Chief with LDF. It's like we switched towns

The official LFD Chaplain started off with the blessing-on right is our new acting village President

  Lombard Battalion Chiefs, LFD Chief and retired Chief Jack Jones on the right
and below sharing stories of the past


The time capsule from 1987 was dug
 up and opened. A new one will be burried around May when the 100 year commemorative book is complete 

 this flag has 48 stars and came out of the original time capsule and was put back into the 1987 capsule. All these contents plus new artifacts will go in the 2013 capsule

Next event we are planning for- Lombard's Lilac parade in May

Below are a few of my new trainee shots

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