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Dec 30, 2012

My family- CFD

My family lineage


Grandfather FF Joe Moran 1938? ish. Never met my dad's dad as he passed away before any of us were born

Step grandfather  LT. Al Carrier...was our grandfather growing up "Pop" as we called him who married my  Nan . Every time we went over to their house he gave us a quarter

 My dad Capt Henry Moran

 Uncle Tom Moran FF

Center is my brother Patrick he is a Chicago firefighter too. I don't have an official picture...yet. I would love to visit his house, but he is smack dab in the middle of Englewood on the southside and I would need an escort in and out

Uncle  FF Tom Moran

The 2 pictures above...Really?! kids in hospital gowns on the sidewalk? Isn't that an IV bag stand on the left. You can see my dad in back and pointing in 2 nd picture. He was at Engine 18 or Roosevelt and May. Not a good neighborhood, but as you can see they embraced the kids. E 18 was surrounded by projects and the people used to shoot and throw things at the fireman
These hero's went into places that no one in their right mind would go near or could even imagine.

below you can see how close the projects were

below is what the neighborhood looked like....probably all pricey condos now

 My dad standing, I would guess he was intructing 

 Believe this is when my dad was a Lieutenant (below Capt)

Check this shot out. It is my dad's firehouse Engine 18 from the 1890's. Below it has the fireman's names and what they drove. 

the below cation goes with this shot. My Grandfather is on right. 1938

Below is my grandfather on the fireboat downtown Chicago he is 4th from the left. I love seeing the old Chicago in the background

 Step grandfather 1st name Alfred Carrier

above is my grandfather 5th guy from left looking forward in frist row 1949

 I believe this is my step grandfather 3rd row from the bottom, 2nd guy from the left 1936

My dad looking at camera-tall one. In the projects

 Chicago firefighter's went to march ion the Boston St Patrick's Day Parade
my uncle in back row behind man squatting. My dad is 2 officers (white hats) to the right with mustach 
 My dad 3rd from left on his knee without a reflector glowing on coat 
750 W Jackson

I always loved the fact that my family is Chicago Firefighters. I grew up with an extra sense of pride. In grammar school 5 of my girlfriends dads were also firemen. 
It took 9-11 for the world to realize what fireman do...what they really do. My dad almost died more than once...that phone rang in the middle of the night and you just knew it was an injury or worse.
I am on the Centennial Committe for Lombard's fire dept. Jan 3 2013 will mark 100 years. We have a great celebration planned. I am honored to be part of it

Firemen are true Hero's
they are the only one's running into a buring biulding while everyone else is running out

Be safe in 2013!

Can you guess where I got my love of photography? My dad and uncle always had a camera. Our entire childhood was documented on film

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