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Dec 27, 2012

Christmas Eve, Christmas morning and Christmas Day

On Saturday before we headed downtown Callahan and Katie exchanged their gifts. What I love about the picture above is how Callahan just stares at the pendant he got her. He picked it out himself. I think he really understood the power of giving.
You can see the pendant on Katie. My 3 boys, Katie and Alexis spent hours at the kitchen table playing board games. They said they had a blast

Christmas Eve is spent in Long Grove. Karrick wanted to play Santa and pass out the gifts

Being the only little guy, Karrick totally makes out on the gifts

Cousins that had their braces put on a week apart. Ummm.....check out Callahan's check bones. Amazing cheekbones on the kid

Alexis joined us at grandma's for Christmas Eve. It was really a good time had by all. Alexis is modeling the outfit TJ got her. He also gave her a cool  scrapbook with most of the shots I took of her and TJ in the last 2 years. It turned out really cute. Made Alexis cry

Christmas Day was spent at my dad's with my family, aunt and cousins. I really didn't take any pictues...was exhausted by then. Callahan woke up at 6am went downstairs and read one of his new books (Santa went semi green this year and didn't wrap everything) When he was done he woke up Karrick...Aarrgh! Really?! So of course we all had to get up at 7am. I think this will be that last year Karrick believes.

 I love Christmas and I love my family. It truly is a special magical time of year. After 4 staright days of Christmas cheer I am ready to move on

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