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Dec 7, 2012


Not much has been said about Callahan lately.
Let's see...He has passed through puberty with flying colors!
He is getting his braces on Thursday. The Ortho took xray's of his hands to see how much more he will grow....he has a little more to go. My 13 year old is measuring a 1/2 inch under 5'11 right now with a size 12 mens shoe.
Callahan scored almost perfect on his standardized Explore Test. 100% in Math Science and Rethorical Mechanics. With a 95 in Reading. Which puts him in the 99% Nationally

For once he got a glowing response from parent teacher conferences as I met with all his teachers as a group. Except for Geometry where I got a "I'd like to see Callahan study more, work harder and put some effort into it, but he earned an A for the trimester" Reallly!? If he recieved an A how much harder does he need to work? Im going to go with a "My kid is bored in your Geometry class"

The Science, Social Studies and LA teacher said they LOVE Cal...he has fantastic arguements, totally grasps all material and thensome.. Helps teach the class and his throughts are way above anyone elses. His Homeroom teacher did say "Callahan is always working hard in homeroom (last 40 min of the day) doing all his homework.  He recieved straight A's...which in the past Callahan hasn't done too often. He was so bored he didn't do homework from 1st-7th grade. It was cured in 7th grade when he got a detention everyday he didn't do all assignments.; which was everyday for 2 weeks. Took about 2 weeks. He finishes it all at school. Well that shut that Geometry teacher right up. The poor guy spoke first and probably felt like a schmuck after the other teachers spoke and especially when they pulled out hin Explore test results. Callahan really enjoys school this year, he has come out of his shell and says he doesn't have a bad teacher.
Callahan is taking the SAT on Jan 26th at OPRF HS...Im interested to see how he'll do. Even though he is a genius, he still hasn't been exposed to all material a HS Junior/Senior has

My Callahan is growing into a fine young man, I can see that in the way he treats his girlfriend. We couldn't be more proud!

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