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Dec 20, 2012

big gas leak

TJ had some testing done today at Marianjoy, so had the day off school. That's a post for later. Anyway, I dropped him off at home and went to do some Christmas shopping. TJ called me an hour into my shopping to say a fireman came to the door saying there was a gas leak don't turn anything on. Turns out a private sewer company was fixing a neighbors sewer system and while digging up the parkway, they ruptured the gas main for the block. (something tells me only the village can dig up the village sewer system under the parkway) When I got home the Lombard fire Dept was on the scene and the village workers. Gas was hissing out of the leak...it was loud and powerful. My entire inside and outside smelled like natural gas. A fireman came into my house with his gas gauge, thank God nothing registered inside. They shut my gas off as a precaution while everyone waited for Nicor to come. Nicor also came into the house to measure for natural gas.
LFD had to stay until Nicor could dig two holes on either side on the leak. Crimp the gas line in each hole, then replace the damaged line between the holes. It is 6 hrs later and Nicor is still out there reparing. LPD left about 2 hrs ago. 
I was so happy when they stopped the leaking gas, I was getting one hell of a headache.
My little Karrick wanted to go out and tip the fireman for being so kind and standing in the rain for hours. I said a simple Thank you would suffice.
When Callahan got off the bus he saw the Firetruck and firemen on our lawn, he thought our house was on fire. When he found out about the ruptured gas main, he proceeded to tell us the Chemical makeup and concentration needed to combust and blow us all to smitherines. 9% Methane needs to mix with the air to cause an explosion... There isn't a situation that arises that Callahan doesn't have some fact sheet in his head. He did calm down Karrick that was a little panicked by explaining everything

Here I just shot a couple pictures of Karrick indoors with my external flash. He is so dang cute

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