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Dec 8, 2012

My little Karrick

My little Karrick's class took a field trip to Drury Lane to see "A Christmas Carol" yesterday. He wanted to look nice so he picked out his clothes. He was so proud of his tie shirt....really thought he was fooling everyone. "I sure am looking good" he said
Karrick's teacher Ms Sliwa is the best (she had Callahan for 3rd grade and was one of only 2 teachers that "got" Callahan (understood him). Anyway, Ms Sliwa told Karrick he should tryout for Tiny Tim. Karrick was estatic! We'll see next year if he isn't too big.
I had Karrick's conference, I have mentioned before that he is very literal. Ms Sliwa is very amused by him. Karrick is in gifted math, 4th grade math and reg 3rd grade math. Well in 3rd grade math they had to estimate...the 8 year can do algebra, but dear Lord don't make him estimate. I guess he walked up to Ms Sliwa in a very serious tone asks "Can you please tell me the point of estimating, I don't see any point to it!" She replied "Well not everyone can just add numbers in their head like you, so those people may need to estimate at the grocery store what their total bill might be"
I was also told that Karrick refuses to read fiction. She will be in the library with Karrick and he always goes to non-fiction. Ms Sliwa will wave him over to the fiction section. She said Karrick just looked at her and waved her over to non-fiction while shaking his head. I love a teacher that works with your childs quirks
Ms Sliwa was amazed when I told her of Karricks struggles until 2nd grade. She found it hard to believe he was pulled out for reading help. They just switched to a new program and I guess a lot of kids are struugling with it. She said Karrick is one of the best with the new program
He is an original!

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