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Dec 21, 2012

My right of passage as a mom

Tonight I had the honor of escorting my middle child Callahan to the mall. You see, Callahan met a darling girl named Katie in Italy this past summer. He and Katie have been dating since. My Callahan doesn't seem to need me too often these days, he may only be 13, but he is definately going on 16, 18 or even age 32. Not really, but he like all my boys are very independant and self suffient. Needless to say, I was thrilled when he asked me to take him to the mall to get Katie's Christmas gift. My son has very good taste and a sweet girl will be one happy sweet girl very soon.

The picture above is from Jingle Jubilee, downtown Lombard's Christmas Celebration. It is sponsored by the many organizations in Lombard including the Historical society. My fellow Lombard Fire Dept Centennial committee member works for the Historical Society and needed help setting up for the Jubilee. Well, Callahan needs many service hours for his upcoming Confirmation at Sacred Heart Church. 

Callahan was such a trooper, he set up panels in the store windows (tree behind him) all along St Charles St. He washed the windows...see that wonderful reflection. Yeah, his height came in super handy as he towered over  the other volunteers. Callahan also kept the music playing for the Nutcracker dancers that danced in all the windows.

My Cal is such an amazing young man and we couldn't be more proud of him

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