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Nov 25, 2013

A future Saluki?

TJ was invited to an open house and reception for The honors and Scholars program at Southern IL University in Carbondale IL Friday night.
We left early Friday morning and drove 6 hrs south. We got there in time to check into our hotel and relax before heading to the reception

We checked in at the reception and TJ met with the Assistant Dean of the Science Dept. TJ is pursuing a career in Computer Science. The dean opened TJ's eyes to many different ways to use his programming degree. One idea that was programming bionic limbs as SIU is a Nationally ranked research University
This is the first time TJ's showed any enthusiasm for college. He loved everything about it.
It is a big old beautiful school and campus

 On Saturday we took a Tim guided tour of the school as he is an Alumni of SIU 

 The student rec center above is amazing, has the pool of course and a indoor basketball court, soccer, track, gym, racquetball courts, MMA gym..everything you could imagine.
 The student center below has different restaurants, a bowling ally and shops

next door is the Giant City State Park  which is just stunning. This is late Nov, I cant imagine the Spring, summer and Fall.
We still have other schools that TJ has been accepted to, to check out. They really need to be something special because my TJ was pretty impressed with SIU.
I loved it too, could do without the 6 hrs away but would be thrilled if TJ chose his dads school

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