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Nov 11, 2013

Family Values comes to Chateau McGinty

Family Values needed a teen boys bedroom to film a scene in. Well, I happen to have a teen boy with a new teen boy bedroom. The cast and crew came Saturday and set up shop. It was great for TJ! Instead of getting up at the crack of dawn to drive to location he slept until 9, showered and pretty much spent the next 4 hrs in bed. It did get quite warm in there with the lights
It was nice having everyone at our house. Tim was able to meet everyone and get a glimpse into the Peterson family.
I spent Friday repairing a hole and painting parts of TJ's room. The paint dates back to 2005. Menards did great on matching the color. The only problem with the room was it was too clean...not a "teen room" So they messed it up a little. Had they come a day earlier I would of passed out gas masks

The director needed a picture of TJ to block the TV logo on the TV. This shot from when TJ was 3 at our little house in Oak Park was a perfect fit.
Could he be any cuter?!

Just having some fun - Crew above
 TJ trying to stay in character (moody teen)
I really hope this series takes off, It is so funny and messed up. When you film a comedy, you hire funny people so a day with this group is non-stop laughs.
I am so thrilled TJ gets to be a part of it.

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