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Nov 26, 2013

"Warriors " MTV Music Video

Danielle above is a model (in case you needed to be told) aqlso filming the video and she became fast friends with TJ

Yesterday TJ shot a music video for Ashley Lauren new song Warriors . She was about the nicest person I have met in a long time. We met at a restaurant downtown and then Ashley whisked the actors to a street location in a limo. It was really cold, but TJ had a ball. A handful of people recognized him from Family Values and walked up to him with a "OMG. your TJ from FV"  It was weird for him but a really cool feeling...OK, he loved it. He was told to get use to it becuase once it hits TV that may be his new life.
TJ has never been one to shy away from attention

TJ running to the limo so I couldn't take his picture...he likes to taunt me. The video premiers on Christmas Eve on MTV.com You tube and WCIU

Tomorrow my boy TJ will be filming the new series "Chicago PD" a spin off of "Chicago Fire"

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