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Nov 3, 2013


While Halloween was fun, I still feel cheated. I decorated the house in the rain on Halloween with ghosts that flapped and howled in the wind. I forgot to take pictures of our jack o lanterns and Katie and Cal together in their costumes. I have been so off my game lately, I spent the majority of the week dying  from muscle spasms in my neck, shoulders and skull. I over did it at bootcamp. Ever have a muscle spasm in your neck? So creepy

Callahan went as Dr Who (Eleventh Doctor) and Katie went as Amy Pond, Dr Who's sidekick. She looked just like the picture below. They were totally cute and wore their costumes to school Friday.
Such a Callahan thing to be

Every year I end up making a costume for Karrick, not because I'm crafty, but because he comes up with costumes that you cant buy. This years started with the mask, a really creepy bird mask.
I bought a brown curtain panel on clearance and many bags of feathers that I glued on with spray adhesive. I sewed the panel onto a black long sleeve shirt. It was really kind of scary.
Due to the rain, trick or treating with friends was put om hold. When it finally stopped and 2 of Karrick's girlfriends (friends that are girls) stopped by so he joined them.
We usually have a chairs and fire pit in the driveway and hang outside all night

We went to Stades farm a few weeks ago for pumpkins, it was pretty cool. I had an engagement photo shoot scheduled there so we made it a family event sans TJ...always working

Some of the shots, they really turned out cute and I can't wait to shoot their wedding next year

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