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Nov 20, 2013

Officially discharged

tj with is screen mom waiting for hair and make-up last weekend.

Friday TJ had his follow up appt with the Neurologist. A few months ago TJ was throwing up in the morning...just in the morning and then he was fine. The doc put him back on his migraine medicine for a couple weeks. TJ had Cyclic Migraines which causes you to throw up in the morning and then be fine. Its somehow associated with regular migraines. TJ took the meds a couple times then stopped. That medication really knocks you out. Thankfully he was fine and the vomiting stopped.
So, we went for our follow up. I was taken back when the doctor said  "Well, I am officially discharging you" that simple statement just took me by surprise. We have been going to the Neurologist for 2 years. I had tears of happiness in my eyes. We have come so far and I guess I never expected it end. Of course if anything changes we go right back.

After 25 months TJ is living a pretty normal life again. He still struggles with headaches every time it rains or is threatening to rain . The extreme heat and humidity bothers him too.He still has light sensitivity.
TJ is back hanging with friends on the weekends, has a 4.12 GPA (that's with no honors classes, but he does have AP Computer Science with a perfect score) TJ has a smile on his face and a spark back in his eyes. Once again my TJ is sweet, happy and witty. Tj also works every weekend
Another thing, TJ reads non-stop now. He downloads book after book onto his phone and is constantly reading. I love it!

This cracks me up, of course TJ and his dang food issues has craft services always buying him specialty food. Chicken, muffins and goldfish are pretty much a staple on the set for him.  The rest of the cast and crew eat hot catered meals. I honestly think the boy will starve when he goes to college

It sure is nice to put this ordeal behind us as much as we can

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