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May 4, 2012


Why Arrgh!?
I broke my camera. Yes, I believe I blew the digital sensor.
The digital sensor costs almost as much as the camera
I can manual focus, but as seen by the picture at the bottom...you get a lot of fuzzy

I shot my cute Geese-lings from 100 plus feet away... Mama and papa were right there as were 4 more siblings. Lombard parks are amazing always something to shoot

just a few more of my favorite subject

 After Karrick and Nico's soccer game we headed straight to their open house/book fair/ice cream social
Pleasant Lane has iPad's in the classroom for the kids...amazing. Our middle school is giving each one of the 900 kids their own personal laptop ...hmmm
I suppose it's our real estate taxes at work. Anyway the kids love the iPad's, as you can see all the other students left...I had to drag Karrick off  "Rocket Math"

So, the day I broke my camera, Tim flew to New York for 5 days to rebuild E*Trades computer system . Im going to let him figure out what to do about it, since he is the electronic genius. Totally sucks! I have carried that camera around daily for 3 years...it's a part of me

It will either be fixed or replaced...much worse things in life then a broken camera

On a positive note it is Lilac time in Lombard our village is draped in lilac

Many wonderful events are scheduled for the next 2 weeks  

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