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May 16, 2012

Wow, what a great kid!

This is what TJ's girlfriend put on facebook. I 

couldn't be more proud of my son

i have the best boyfriend in the whole wide world:) i woke up and threw up for the second time. i was half asleep and tj told me he had to go. i go back to my room after a while and see my computer is opened up i look to see this writen on it:"""""Hey babe you fell asleep so if im gone i love you sososososososososososo much! i hope you feel better:).I cleaned your kitchen up a bit. I also got you ALEAVE and WATER which is on your nightstand by your alarm clock! i love you feel better and call me if you need me!!!:D"""" SO CUTE!!!!:) — with Tj Mcginty and Mary Moran McGinty.

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