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May 24, 2012


A child genius just amazes me...I don't understand it at all. While it sounds like bragging...it is a little, but it just freaking fascinates me. It's one thing to get straight A's if you study non-stop...but to never bring home a book...to already know most everything before your taught it? creepy....just downright Creepy!

I often talk about Callahan...the human Google. No matter where we are or what is mentioned, somehow Callahan already knows all about it...random things, some simple and  some complex ...the kid just knows almost everything. I decided to start writing them down as I do on facebook with Karrick's funny sayings.

So yesterday, I brought Callahan and Karrick to the doctor for their 13 and 8 year old well visits. When taking the elevator down Karrick and his buddy (that came with us) started jumping up and down....
to which I said "Oh, great you guys are going to break the elevator and we will go crashing to the bottom"

Before Karrick or Ryan could even blink Callahan lets out 

"Actually that wouldn't happen, there is a counter weight on the cable that is the exact weight as the maximum capacity of the elevator, so if the wire snapped the elevator would not plummet to the ground . The counter weight would level it out in the center, like a scale"

Today I picked Callahan up from his Italy trip group meeting and somehow the speed of light was mentioned...again without blinking this immediately came out of Cal's mouth

"in order for humans to achieve interstellar travel we would have to create a worm hole because even if we were to go the speed of light the nearest star is 4.2 light years away so it would take 4 years. plus travel at light speed isn't possible as far as we know.  If an ant were to crawl across a sheet of paper in a straight line, it would be the fastest way, right?

what you could do is fold the paper in half make a hole and go through the paper. This is the same idea behind creating a wormhole. If we were to create a worm hole we could bend space and travel immense distances in a short time. to create a wormhole all we would need to do is focus an extreme amount of energy on a specific spot. We would do this by placing huge lasers in space on asteroids or sate lights and aim them in the same spot. To create these lasers we would first have to find a faster cheaper and more efficient way to create anti-matter, which is the exact opposite of matter, exact nothingness. When anti matter and matter come into contact, a huge amount of energy is released. it would only take a teaspoon of it to destroy the earth. that energy could be used to create wormholes which allows us to achieve interstellar travel".

Callahan told me he has become friends with the 11 year old genius that is in his 7 th grade class.  When I asked him "why all of the sudden?" (Cal didn't care for him before...1st time Cal wasn't eon's above everyone else)
 He responded with 

"Well Parker is the only one that I can have a conversation with about Nuclear Physics that understands it"

This 11 year that just turned 11, skipped 2 grades...he actually scored 1 point higher than Callahan on the MAP test. Freaking crazy to be that smart at 11 

Yes, I am bragging...but more of the "unbelievable" bragging. I just don't get how such young kids can know so much and Callahan has never studied...ever!
Last tid-bit than I'll shut up

Callahan had his Civil War final today...I asked how it went

"It was ridiculously easy because I already knew everything BEFORE she taught IT"


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