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May 12, 2012

Then and Now

In Karrick's open house folder labeled Then and Now was a writing sample from the beginning of the 2 grade and one written now. "Holy Shit" is what comes to mind. I think it's safe to say he has improved 10 fold. I have always been very open about Karrick's struggles from early on through 1st grade. It still doesn't really make sense how someone can transform that drastically in one school year. 
If Karrick wrote 3 words on his Journal page it was a good day. Now he is writing a series of short stories titled "Two Fat Men". Get this..he writes during his free time after he finishes his assignments in class...he zips through the work with ease. Damn near every assignment that comes home has a perfect score on it...we don't even check his homework...he does it all in 3 seconds flat. I think we may have another smarty on our hands. Karrick spends 90% of his time with Callahan and if you know Callahan, you know he speaks in facts, a talking human encyclopedia. Karrick is absorbing all that information. Callahan can't help himself it all just comes out...all the time.
 Honestly, it makes for a long car ride....just sayin
3 short sentences to two full pages!
I asked Karrick if he copied the info from a book . His reply
"No, I got it from my head"

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