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May 30, 2012

Fun weekend!

Saturday night was the release party for Corporate X's new album Project X. The party was held at The Continental Bar in Humboldt Park. Tim, myself,  my siblings, dad, cousins, Christine and Casper's friends and even my boss and his wife all came out to support Corporate X. They played an acoustic set for everyone which was beautiful.
I even got free drinks (i only drank diet coke)the entire night because the bartender thought I was Christine's mother...yeah...Wow! Made for a good story
Tim and I hit La Majada in Oak Park on the way home for late night taco's
We had a ball and it was a great way to kick off a long weekend of fun

One of the cutest couple's I know

Seriously, my dress looked good on me...I looked way thinner than this shot. The dress is actually an amazing  1960 retro black eyelet. The camera flash accentuated the white lining underneath...it was really more subtle than it appears. I will redeem myself with a daytime picture

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