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May 28, 2012

no good deed goes unpunished...Callahanism

Thursday in Algebra , Callahan proved that 1 is equal to .9999... to his class. He said some kids understood it and some didn't

 "what about the teacher?" I asked 
"she just looked confused" he said

The next day during their final exam Callahan said something out loud to himself. The teacher went up to him and said

"talking during a final will lower your test score by 1 grade letter"

rules are rules I get that, but
Callahan had left me a voice mail which I didn't see. She made him cal me to tell me what had transpired.
I received another call from Cal 45 min later which I answered. He had to tell me what happened and the punishment...fine. As he is trying to tell me I can hear her in the background saying 
"tell her you left a voice mail earlier...did you leave a vm earlier?
She proceeds to badger him with questions and comments while I am on the other end...I didn't care for her tone or her implication that Cal was lying about leaving me a message the 1st time. How is the kid suppose to talk to me while she keeps butting in? I was pissed and I resisted the urge to email her.
With only 3 days left of school, Cal said just let it go.
Callahan learned 2 lessons that day:
1) don't talk at all during a final 
                                2) Never show up or be smarter than the teacher
The funny thing is, is that my boss has a degree in financial mathematics from Univ of Chicago which often looks like this 
What happened to numbers in math?
He taught that proof that got Cal into trouble a couple years ago..before Cal had ever had Algebra, and Cal never had pre-algebra. Callahan didn't understand it then, but with his idyllic memory he remembered  the equation and wha-la

Patrick was so over grown and with the heat, Tim and I shaved him...or attempted to. It was our 1st time with grooming tools. I usually just use scissors. Tim was getting the underside of Patrick as I held him down. Covered in fur I was worried about Tim lopping off Patricks "thing"
 So I said "watch out for his "weenis"
half penis/ half weenie or so I thought.
 From the kitchen I hear Cal say "a weenis is the skin that hangs from the elbow, so Patrick isn't in danger of losing his weenis"
Maybe the rest of the world knows that...but I didn't. I of course Googled it and Callahan was right.

He needs a second go around, but we needed to give him a break. He may not be pretty, but he is much cooler.
There was another Callahan-ism, but he won't let me share it.
Im guessing if it were me that he corrected...it would be okay to share :o
Callahan corrected someone that mispronounced an Islamic saying. 
How the "F" he knew that, is beyond me

I'm not exaggerating when I say "the kid knows everything....simple or complex"

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