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May 10, 2012

Go Big or Go Home

With my Rebel T1i without an auto-focus..I thought I scratched the CMOS...not good
Tim thinks it may be the light sensor. Whatever it is...it is an expensive fix. Tim is going to try to repair it himself. He is quite handy that way. The warranty expired long ago as I've had it for 3 years. I needed a second camera for my business anyway. Tim bought me the new Canon Rebel T3i I am just ecstatic. I have 3 Canon lens..2 of them quite pricey so I had to buy a compatible body. I was 100% in love with my T1i, I just can't image my shots with the T3i.

 18 megapixels up from 15
 ISO 100-6400, up from 3000

I hope to have it in hand within a week...

I can't stop myself from shooting...even if it's only in manual focus. Kinda tricky with a moving target, but they have a cool blur to them.
It was so nice to just hang with Karrick after school. The weather was top notch and we were free. We rode to Karrick's school where Karrick went wild on the scooter in the teachers parking lot. Then while the 2 of us we swinging Karrick looks at me and goes "isn't this awesome, it is like the best day ever"
Melted my heart dammit!
It's so easy to overlook simplicity when kids are in sports 24/7...a little gift after the 7 month struggle with TJ's TBI. I am just thrilled to spend the majority of the summer at out place in Wisconsin. TJ is going to play Lombard Baseball-in-house league. No pressure, just going back to basics and starting with playing for fun. Maybe 3 games a week tops? Not a super competitive league unlike high school and travel. At this age in this league the level of play will be a lot less competitive. Even before the TBI, TJ was so burnt from baseball. He went from HS baseball, to HS Summer league that coincided with full time travel . He averaged 11 games a week. Lets be honest baseball games are long, about 2 hours on the field. I must admit going to Karrick soccer games is nothing...hour tops, a freakin walk in the park

Cal and his buddies were all at the park/school, so I got a great shot of them
they meet there after school everyday to play whatever. Karrick's school in on 5 acres which houses the school, 2 baseball fields, soccer field, basketball court, 2 tennis courts and 2 playgrounds....not a bad school to live across the street from

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