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Apr 27, 2010

20 years and kickin again

Date night...Oak Brook Mall for dinner and a little shopping

I bought this 1990 Mazda Miata 20 years ago from a trader  that I worked with downtown. It originally was white and I drove her for 6 years until I was too pregnant with TJ and too big to fit behind the wheel. Tim then drove it for years until she died and we packed her away in our garage in Oak Park. Then life became car pooling in a mini van. 5 years ago we shipped her to Lombard  where she stood still under a tarp for 5 years. 2 weekends ago Tim and Callahan pulled her out and spent many hours driving to and from the auto store, then fixing her up. Due to their hard work and diligence we now have a fun new car for the summer.

Real men are not afraid to carry Abercrombie bags with scantily clad men on them. I bought a way over priced beach bag and some teeny tiny shorts better suited for a 17 year old, but adorable non the less. I had a $25 gift card that sucked me in.

How cool driving at night under the stars

good night baby

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