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Apr 11, 2010

My Boys

What a great relaxing weekend. Tim and I went out to dinner on Friday then went for Coffee and books at our local Borders. Saturday we pulled out some deck furniture and I soaked up some much needed sun. I leave for Galvenston Island, Texas next week. I seriously needed some color.

Karrick had baseball practice and I kept noticing that he is way smaller than the other kids on his team. Karrick is a little above average in the height dept, so it just stuck me as a little funny. I asked the coach after practice what the age limit was and he said 7-8 year old, AA baseball....CRAP!  Karrick should of been in single A t-ball with the 5-6 year olds. I was wondering why the Tee was never brought out. The coach said karrick was keeping up just fine and Karrick said he wanted to stay up in double A


he's the team peanut!
 At this level they use a pitching machine and if you don't hit it then they pull out the tee. The bases are 15ft  further apart and they play an extra inning (4)

The boys spent most of the weekend in the back yard grilling, talking by the fire, playing volleyball and lots of jumping

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