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Apr 17, 2010

I got my camera baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

After 2 weeks in the shop, I finally got my camera back. The entire flash had to be replaced.
Two yards down is this lovely Lilac tree and it is my view to the West from my deck. Love my 250mm zoom lens
These 2 pictures are just fun lighting shots

After my horror with the hornets  and bees
 last year; we are taking no chances after seeing our flying friends again. Tim found 4 holes in the ground and went directly to the store. Since then no bees, hornets, birds or squirrels have been seen...joking on the birds and squirrels...kinda.
Swear to God, after I wrote is post I went outside to drive TJ to baseball and what is laying on my front porch? A dead giant black bird...no joke
It had to of crashed into my gleaming storm door...right?
My weekend son Ben was kind enough to bury it in the backyard.
Oh, and the crutch is not for insect batting practice and hopefully not for big black birds either...it's just random shit we have lying around due to a house full of boys. Why that stuff finds its way out of the garage is a  mystery to me. Sometimes it's ok not to know.

Last night we dropped the Rat Pack off at the skate park in downtown Glen Elynn before  me, Tim, TJ and Karrick went to dinner

TJ's volleyball dinner and awards night at the middle school
pictures from crappy camera. It was held at GWMS in the cafetaria
Coach Hrbeski had some glowing complinments for TJ before handing him his certificate
and a little kidding about TJ going out for baseball and not volleyball in high school as the seasons coincide

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