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Apr 30, 2010

Karrick's first baseball game

Karrick had his 1 st baseball game yesterday. He is a AA Cardinal on accident. Somehow Karrick skipped t-ball with the 5 and 6 year olds and ended up on the 7/8 year old team which is machine pitched. I am in Texas, Tim's car broke down on the way home from work and TJ was at his own ballgame so Callahan stepped up to the plate. He got Karrick dressed and walked him the 2 blocks to his game.
Well, my little baby was a shinning star. 3 times up to bat, 3 hits, 3 times on base and 3 times hitting home plate to score 3 runs!! And none of us were there to cheer on our adorable 3rd child. Except my middle man Callahan...I am so proud of him, what a great big brother. Karrick's team the Cardinals won the game. I spoke with karrick on the phone last night and he was bouncing off the walls with excitement.
When we found out Karrick had been put in the wrong level, he could of stepped doen to t-ball, but he wanted to stay up with the big kids "I'll get better faster" was his comment. I might add that he has little crush on a little 7 year old...older woman named Allyson or Alice as Karrick calls her. He had me print out htis picture and make 2 copies. "Can I have a playdate and give her a copy?"

I will miss karrick's second game tomorrow, but daddy will be there to cheer our little man on!
I am so proud of all my boys..how they pull togetherand help each other out

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