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Apr 26, 2010

A special ring from a special lady

I woke up this morning and thought about my ring. I was given this ring by my dad after my mom died. It was my mom's and she wanted me to have it. I rarely wear it because it is too big and I'm terrified of losing it. I wore it today after I rolled tape around the band multiple times.
When I was small, my parents seemed to go out on dates every weekend. That's my memory, but it could have been every month. Anyway when they went out, my mom always put on this ring. I called it the kaiser roll ring, because the diamond encrusted ribbons fold over like a kaiser roll.
Maybe I thought about it because we are coming up on the 6 year anniversary of my mom's passing. Tears flood my eyes as I write this...does one ever get over the death of a mother? My mom was a spectacular woman filled with dignity, intelligence and humor and was taken from us way to soon. Had she lived she would have been quite ill and that's not what she would have wanted. God does things for  a reason, but it still hurts.
I Love you and miss you desperately Mom

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