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May 5, 2010


So, I bragged to my friend Missy...not really bragged, more like gloated "ha ha, for the next 3 nights I have only 1 ballgame...what will I do with all my free time...blah blah blah...." See, Missy is also the mother of 3 boys...all athletes and 1 daughter at college. Tim and I got all settled at the movie theater, 30 minutes into "Ghost Writer" my cell phone starts singing "Karma is a bitch".

 It's TJ stating very calmly "I think I broke my finger" 

Tim and I got up, got a refund (manager must have boys) and drove home. TJ , his bent right ring finger and I head over to Immediate Care a few blocks away.

 The nurse looks at me and says 
"you've been here before...right?"

"only about 105 times...I have 3 boys" I reply.

  "Oh God help you! the doctor will be right in"
 she says  while smirking and shaking her head.

 "Wow mom, I sure am getting some pecs"
 TJ states  as he sits on the gurney with his right ring finger at a 45 degree angle.

"Yes, I've noticed your back and shoulders are all muscular too"  I reply
Just another day in the McGinty house.

Doc comes in pushes and then snaps the finger back in place, then it's off to Xray.

 10 min later doc says
  "Xray inconclusive, maybe small fracture, lets splint it" 

 "Perfect! Ya know my kid is a pitcher and it's baseball season...blah blah...on 2 teams...blah blah...travel..."  I ramble.

 "Keep the splint on for 1 week, 2 weeks no PE and follow up with Pediatrician tomorrow" 
says doc

In and out in 20 minutes!

I'm just gonna throw this out there...TJ called his girlfriend before he called me...really?! His girlfriend said "call your parents" Have I lost my baby at age 13? He gave me no tears, drama or urgency...just
  "my pecs are sure getting big" ?

Oh, how did this happen? TJ and Callahan were having a sword fight in the back yard with homemade wooden swords that they made using a table and circular saw last weekend. Really, they are like 2 by 4's with a pointed end and handle. TJ did state "Thank God I had on my batting gloves"

"Yeah, good thinking kid"

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