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May 8, 2010

A little nod for TinkerBell

After Karrick's game on Thursday we went to his open house, book fair and ice cream social. While in the library we were looking for a book to buy. Karrick lokked up and down every shelf and across every table. I suggested all kinds of books e.g. animals, cars, people. Nothing seemed right until we were looking at a shelf and Karrick hits my leg and with a little (and I mean little) nod he goes "that one" , "that one?" I ask
"yes, that one" he whispers and nods towards the book again. I pick up a copy of Tinker Bell and we head to the check out. On the way home he goes "Mom, I think I kinda like tinker Bell"
So, we are reading a chapter book called "TinkerBell and the lost Treasure" and Tim is downloading the movie as I write....but don't tell anyone...nod nod

Karrick's class has/had eggs and we got to see one hatch before our eyes. Same egg in top and bottom picture

Some chicks that hatched the other day
Look at the photos above Karrick's head...of the eggs. It starts with a nice yellow yolk on day one to embryo and goes all the way to day 19 until it turns into a little chick....real f-ing photos...GROSS. I'll never eat an egg again
I couldn't take a picture...knock another food off my list

this is a video just no thumbnail
newly hatched chick...look close
Yummy ice cream
Love Karrick's Cardinal and he is a Cardinal...HA

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