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May 31, 2010

Our new boat

Tim took Callahan, Ben and Karrick up to our place in whitewater Wisconsin. I stayed home with with TJ because he had a tournament all weekend. We bought a new (used) boat and Tim got her in the water this weekend. The old boat was a dinosaur from when Tim was a kid and she is resting comfortably in Long Grove, waiting for Tim and Callahan to bring her back to life...piece by piece. It will be some very rewarding father/son bonding time.

TJ's tournament went well, we didn't make the final due to one horrible game (the second game)...Our boys tried to play with their hands tied behind their backs and it didn't work so well. Joke...haha. We went 2-1 and by the third game we were freaking on fire and alive...we slaughtered the team we faced. Top 4 made finals. It went by record (3 teams were 3-0) and then by runs given up...our loss killed us in runs given up. It was our first tournament of the year.. On a brighter note it was a National qualifying tournament and we qualified to play in a National tournamnet in Michigan. This will be our boys 1st overnight tournament and we are all in the process of fundraising

I sure did miss my boys, but enjoyed the one on one time with my TJ

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Melanie Daryl said...

So how’s the new boat? I agree with your point, that it would be a great father and son bonding experience to go out on the boat. My sons also learned how to fish on a boat at an early age, a skill they learned from no other than their father! Heeh, that's what you call cool! :)