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May 23, 2010

working on the deck

Tim and I have been trying to get the deck ready for the summer season. It is such an enormous deck, that we are finding it difficult to get just right. Today was more furniture placement and cleaning. I need to stain the railing and spindles...possibly the most tedious and time consuming task. It feels as though we have 12,000 of them...endless, endless, endless...

We know that we want a pergola as we have ZERO shade until late afternoon. We are leaning towards the one below, also a dinning table and chairs are a must.

It just goes on forever

I have filled quite a few planters and now I need some taller plants/tree things.
I met 2 dear frinds for lunch today and my friend Lisa gave me these
little purple flowers

                                       The hornets, don't get me started on the hornets. We have been on top of it this spring, but new nests pop up every so often. I take no chances and just saturate the nest and surounding area.

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