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May 7, 2010

Karrick at bat

I finally got to see my Karrick play in a real game. Above he is ready to pitch (or watch the opposing coach load the pitching machine)

Karrick also played 3rd base. He may be the peanut and younger then the rest, but check out the reflex...he and the 3rd base runner react at the same moment the ball was hit. Karrick got the ball and ran back to 3rd to beat the runner from 2nd. He made the final out of the game.
Karrick is so into baseball that he wouldn't leave early to attend his school open house/book fair/ice cream social.That is Karrick's school in the background, we did make it but 1/2 hour late

Look at the smile on Karrick's face doing the "nice game high-5"

The below video is actually 3 mini clips stitched together. I did it on accident on Windows Live movie maker.

Karrick at bat...you get4 pitches from the machine and if you don't hit the ball, you get 1 swing from the tee. Had I not been filming, I totally would have corrected Karricks swing from golf back to baseball. Check out his little booty while he is swinging
I bet Karricks helmet and bat weigh almost as much as his 40lb frame.

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