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May 9, 2010

Happy Mudder's Day

I have yet to figure out how to display the video. Click on arrow and Karrick song will begin. This is a longer version than the one on facebook, but not the longest : )


Karrick learned a Mother's Day song in school and sang it for me many times. What a great gift. He was so proud of himself and sang the song for days. He tried to teach TJ, but that wasn't happening in this lifetime

I Had a very relaxing weekend and Mother's Day. I spent some peaceful alone time on the deck soaking up a little sun. Tim and I went for a wonderful brunch....I had salad, shrimp cocktail, fresh fruit, prime rib and some bbq ribs. I did have 1 roll and 2 pieces of carrot cake. I am down about 15 lbs from cutting out whites e.g. flour, sugar, potato, rice and pasta. I felt I deserved my my bread and cake on this special day...I am the mother of 3 boys!

Tim bought me this beautiful sofa table...just stunning. It will be here tomorrow and we need to rearrange the furniture to fit it in.

Thank You my wonderful little and big men...you mean the world to me and I am honored to be your mother and wife


Mommy and Mary

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Ummm...too super cute!!