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May 15, 2010

Lilacia Park

It is Lilac time in Lombard. Tim has been asking me to stroll through Lilicia Park for the last 2 weeks to check out the beautiful Lilacs and Tulips. For one reason or another we just couldn't get there...until today that is. Well, had we checked the online
 bloom-o-meter we wouldn't have been so devastated when we got there and found very few lilacs and almost no tulips

It was still beautiful and there was a band and a bunch of people...just no lilacs.
I manages to get some great shots anyway

This photo is my favorite (click on photo to get full effect)

Tomorrow the 16 day Lilac fest comes to an end with the lilac parade down Main Street

All photos are property of Mary Mcginty unless noted and may not be used without my permission

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