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Jan 10, 2012

Brain injury update

Pardon the grainy cell phone picture...cell phone pictures make my skin crawl

Even though TJ is showing improvement, it's been a hard week for both of us. TJ was told to aggravate his brain....which he did and it recovered as expected.

We went to the health club a few times where tj was able to do some strength training, a little racket ball followed by swimming. At the end he did have a horrible headache...brutal, so much as he had to medicate himself. 

Monday we had PT and Ann just did a neck massage because she found little knots in his neck and shoulders (muscle spams) which could account for some of the bad headaches. He is going to have trigger point injections to relieve the spasms. The kabasch was put on racket ball....too much hand eye coordination for his brain (I wasn't surprised)

From the moment I dropped TJ at PT  I had tears streaming out of my eyes....I just felt so bad for him. Here I thought he was getting so much better, (sitting in his quiet room) just to realize the outside world still isn't his friend. Tomorrow he takes the repeat IMPACT test... I'm not real confident he will pass... an hour, 20 min is a lot for his brain to focus on memory and speed type questions. (I'm guessing here on types of questions)

I spoke with his counselor yesterday and we hope to have him start half days next week alternating morning and afternoon classes. He had to drop honors Chem, German 2 and now drivers Ed for 2nd semester. He'll have to take a private drivers ed course when he's ready. The free periods were filled in with bullshit classes, so he can get credits....such as "Independent living" I busted out crying when I heard that. He couldn't even take an acting class because attendance is mandatory WTF...! How life can quickly change

TJ is holding up well, taking most of it in stride, which has always been his personality. He is super bored and really wants to get back to school.
Tomorrow will tell what the immediate future will bring

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