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Jan 18, 2012


cellphone pictures...Aarrgh 

Callahan is making his Confirmation next year at sacred Heart, so he needs 2 years of service hours. Last night we headed over to our local PADS shelter. I brought Karrick along to help as I believe he is old enough to learn to give back. I refer to Lombard as my "bubble". It appears that 99% of the population are white middle-upper class, so Karrick has no real idea of  poverty.  He wasn't thrilled about going, but once we got there he jumped right into worker mode. Cal and Karrick set up tables and chairs, then set the tables. The PADS lady with her arms crossed behind Karrick (below) asked if she could borrow Karrick "because he looked like an excellent worker". With a giant smile he helped her set orange cones, move beds and even plug in a fan.
I had to explain in the car on the way there that the bags the people walk in with are all they have. I said some may dirty or even a little smelly, because homeless means no washing machines or showers. I also had to tell him to watch his words (he has no filter and speaks very honestly)
He did want to stay long enough so he could watch over them while they slept. With pride beaming from my heart I had to tell him that wasn't possible, that they needed their privacy.
On the way home Karrick said
 "that was nothing like I pictured, I thought they'd all be sitting in church on the benches (pews) and would walk up to get their food" 
I think he pictured a bunch of homeless people going up for Communion and receiving a hot dog or sandwich

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