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Jan 15, 2012

School bound

Well, after 16 weeks at home TJ is going back to school....1/2 days to start out.
Friday night TJ and I went to Glenbard East's Varsity Basketball game to watch Alexis perform during half time. We ended up staying for the 1st 3 quarters which is a huge accomplishment for TJ. That's up from 15-20 min previously.

I must admit I was a little sad seeing a lot of TJ's fellow football and baseball team mates, knowing he won't be competing with them. Baseball isn't 100% out this year, but close.
TJ seems okay with it so far.
 They say "when one door closes another one opens". TJ is going to pursue his acting career. Last year we had some conflicts with baseball and auditions...cancelled 2 callbacks because he couldn't commit to the projects if he got the role. Neither were paid or through his agency (which you don't cancel and stay represented) They were Depaul and Columbia College short movies which is a great way to get experience and have fun. Friday he is auditioning at DePaul film School for their quarterly films.. He will be put on file if they like him and wait for a role that fits his description. His agent has suggested more than once that he take an acting class offered by one of the casting houses. She says he is great, but a class will polish him up a little. He now has the time.

Since he got injured TJ, has grown 3/4 of an inch and put on 22 lbs. I think his body was so worn out that he stopped growing. He overlapped sports and teams and became anemic. He was 5' 10 1/2  for the last year and measured that at his 1st concussion doc appt.
One of the greatest gifts since his injury is he has reconnected with Callahan. They were so close as little guys and then led different lives. Friday night they were sledding on our deck...it was really cute

How cute is Callahan's coat? Tim and I got it when we stayed downtown on Michigan Ave. Tommy Hilfinger wool coat. Totally got it for a steal

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