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Jan 29, 2012

spur of the moment

 A last minute invitation found us meeting Karricks friend at Xtreme Trampoline in Carol stream. Karrick and Nico jumped for an hour and a half while us 2 moms got to sit down and just chat. I supplied the Starbucks....just what I needed. Marlene has a crazy life too. single mom, 1 child, owns a hair salon, finishing up getting her Masters degree while interning everyday at a not so local high school as a guidance counselor 

Karrick and I went straight to Callahan's basketball game where they suffered their first loss  :(

 Callahan #34 below is standing with his 12/13 year old classmates/teammates. Kevin his coach is like 6'3. My darling (going through puberty) growing son is just shooting up... holy crap! I don't write about him much because my mere existence mortifies him. Maybe a bag over my head and some duck tape on my mouth will smooth things over...I don't know

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