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Jan 28, 2012

How sweet is my boy?

Today TJ and Alexis are celebrating 1 year together! 
 All the house computers are hooked up to my printer, so I was woken up last night by non-stop papers printing. When TJ came up to retrieve them I asked what gives. He said "When Alexis comes to wake me up tomorrow morning my entire room will be covered in anniversary signs" Isn't he just darling ???

Yes, she comes by every weekend morning and wakes him up

On another note, can you see all the prescription bottles (above) on my poor baby's desk? That's what my child has to take daily after that damn high school broke him!!
This week was given an anti-seizure medication...No, he doesn't have seizure's . It's used not as a pain med, but to try and  knock the headaches out completely by relaxing the brain. He can only take it at night...it knocks him out!

TJ was still asleep when I took this, the papers are blowing from the fan being on. We all sleep with fans on year round. I think it started in Oak Park, we lived on a busy corner and the fans would drown out the thumping of bass from all the cars that drove by. Very annoying. While we certainly don't have that problem in Lombard, it is almost too quiet that we need the fans...an occasional flock of geese honking is the only noise we get.
When we 1st moved here we were all sitting at the table and Callahan being 6 at the time, puts his little arms up and says 

"I can't stand it, it's too quiet!"


 Yes, TJ's mattress is on the floor, he bounced a little to hard and cracked the wooden frame in half.
I honestly have been too preoccupied to think about it...it's on my list :)

I can't believe how grown up my little boy is, it's all just flying by too fast. 

Happy 1 year to the worlds cutest couple !

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