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Jan 25, 2012

multi listed

On Monday I received a phone call from BNB Chicago Model/Talent Agency expressing interest in signing TJ. We met with the agent/owner today and they signed TJ on the spot. We are not exclusive with Lily's Talent  so TJ is officially multi-listed.

I have heard of BNB as I see their model/actors sign in at auditions. BNB is a non-union agency so they get a lot more non-union commercial bookings. BNB also books union projects.  We do get some non-union auditions through Lily's but not a lot as they are SAG. Non-union commercials are on TV and are paid, but usually not as much. TJ is willing to do the work and build a solid resume. The more experience he gets will only benefit both agencies. 

All this makes the pain of not being able to participate in sports a lot more bearable. No sports also has freed up time to take some acting classes downtown.

TJ is pretty excited!!

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