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Jan 17, 2010

Bathroom phase 1

This is our master bath, it's a 3/4 bath in our bedroom. Everything in it is white except the tile in the shower.
Boring, boring, boring! On my list of upgrades are new sink, medicine cabinet,  lights, new exhaust fan, paint, possibly subway tile on walls (will decide if I'm up to that challenge) and some more storage. Thank God Tim is quite handy because he will have to do the plumbing, electrical work and hang the cabinets.

This morning I removed all the old seal from inside and outside of the shower. Put the industrial fan on it all day to dry. Tonight, I resealed the shower, scraped of some peeling paint and spackled...a lot! Now the industrial fan is drying it again.

that giant purple splotch near the ceiling was from a large hole I cut in the wall when the roof was leaking last year. I was concerned whether the drywall and insulation got wet, but it appeared dry. So we had a real pretty hole for quite some time

That nice white rim around the lower base of the shower is my handy work. Our house kinda leans so the shower is not flush with the walls halfway up. Every six months or so I have to reseal.

Tim took the boys to see Avatar tonight and Karrick asked why he didn't go. I told him it was almost 3 hours long, that he probably wouldn't sit through it.
His reply:
"I probably would have gotten fat anyway sitting there for 3 hours"

"Did you learn that in PE?" I ask,

"No, more like from WALL-E" 
he said with a "whataya an idiot" tone

"Did WALL-E get fat in the movie from sitting too long?" I ask

"No  mom the humans did"  

with a look on his face that screamed
"like robots even get fat..duh"

Aren't I the town idiot


I'm  going to say that this weekend just kicked my ass...I must be getting old. First my boys had a four day weekend which is just wrong on every level so soon after Christmas break

I went to 3 different basketball practices, 2 different basketball games, baseball registration, had a wonderful lunch date with Tim at California pizza kitchen. Went butcher block shopping with Tim and had 2 extra boys overnight Friday, 1 boy overnight Sat and another overnight tonight (all different boys) and watched at least 4 movies. Not to mention the above mentioned bathroom project. I'm telling you right now I'm not upset about going to work tomorrow..Peace and Quiet, I say. Tim is taking the boys skiing for the day

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