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Jan 22, 2010


 He made the team!

At the urging of some friends TJ tried out for the 8th grade volleyball team. TJ has never picked up a volleyball outside of PE class in his life. He was absolutely glowing. It was a 2 day tryout, 3 hours each day. He came out after the first day and said he sucked. He came out today and I guess he blocked 4 spikes at the net and was serving up a storm. The coach told him he was amazed at how quickly TJ picked up the game. TJ does have the 2 main ingredients: height (3rd tallest out of 21 hopefuls)  and natural athletic ability, neither of which can be taught. 21 kids tried out and it broke my heart to see boys come out and give their parent a thumbs down.
The kid is still in shock saying "mom, I never would of even thought about trying out for the team if it weren't for so and so and so." The downfall for me, before and after school practices 6:15 am and 3 pm. YIKES
Congratulations my little man!

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Mel said...

Congrats to the not so little man!