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Jan 10, 2010

Cal and theThe Kmart ad...

The big day has finally arrived. Remember this blog WWE Seriously!?. Callahan's WWE ad came out today and you know what? It is pretty darn cute, not to mention almost a full page ad. He received his check a few weeks ago plus SC Johnson renewed his contract for the 4th year in a row for his OFF ad. That money was  included on the check which totally made it all good in Cal's book. It appeared that he made a crap load of money for a less than enjoyable day. 99% of all jobs are fun, I'm not dogging the business at all. The entire 8 year experience has been very kind to my kids, not to mention their bank accounts.

Today started basketball season! WooHoo! TJ had a 12:30 game which they lost in the 4 th quarter. I was thrilled to find out that Jamie W (TJ's travel baseball team mate) was on the team. Which means my favorite "Peace mom" Karen W. will be at all the games. I tease Karen because she proudly holds the title as "Lombard's only Liberal" and is all peace, love and granola. She loves swimming in this sea of Republicans.
This year TJ, Callahan and Karrick are playing basketball...Wow! The only draw back is all Karrick's games are at 8:30 am every Saturday morning...OUCH. He is just thrilled to finally be on a team with uniforms and

"everyone will come just to watch me?"
"Yes, honey"

Tim and I went to York Town Mall today, boy do we have some fun shopping together. We found 2 pieces of art that matched our living room perfectly. After many years we finally put up something other than our kids portraits

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