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Jan 14, 2010

How often does an Astronaut come to school?

Pleasant Lane Elementary had a PBIS Celebration (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) today. Students and faculty wore their Red Gotcha shirts. Lombard native Astronaut Dan Tani came to the school to talk about achieving dreams and setting goals. He also reminded the children how beautiful the earth is and brought in great pictures and stories from inside the space shuttle.
 Unfortunately Callahan still has the stomach flu so he had to miss today. He was fortunate enough to meet Mr Tani last year. My friend Karen W. took Callahan to her church one day to meet him. They talked about IMSA and NASA where Cal plans on working. Callahan got the above picture of the 2 of them and a signed picture of the space shuttle

I asked Karrick to tell me 1 thing he learned from Astronaut Dan Tani and he said
 "Everything floats in space"

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