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Jan 28, 2010

Is honesty really the best policy?

So, I was sitting on my bed, the one with the new 5 inches of memory form. Karrick was laying down after having a complete breakdown. I took off my boots and stood up only to see an ENORMOUS crater that was my ass molded in this memory foam.

" OMG!" I scream 
"Is that really me?, Karrick is your mommy fat? Is my butt really that big? tell me, is mommy the fat mommy at school?"

I look at Karrick as he busts out crying, slaps both hands on his head and wails
"I can't say that answer, I don't want you to get mad at me and then yell at me"
as he proceeds to just sob into my pillow
Damn kid, I was just kidding. So my 5 year thinks I'm fat. I'm just sayin, that was the 3rd 'Mary you're not as slim as you think you are" comment this week. The other comments I'll have to let slide, because one came from my husband and one from my boss. I may have brought up the question during conversation, but still.
I think I am suffering from reverse anorexia. Kinda like when a ginormous person looses weight and there is still that "fat person" inside, I think the skinny gal is still inside me, but only I can see it. WTF! total Buzz kill

So I have started the Atkins diet...yesterday. I did have a dunkin donut yesterday and a big blueberry muffin today.. and those were in the morning, other than that I was almost no-carbs. Progress, not perfection

On another note, I posted this picture of Karrick from this morning. He wanted to wear 2 coats, a hoodie and his parka. I started to battle the "No, the hoodie goes on first", then stopped myself and said "have it your way kid" and had a flash back to my older kids preschool days at "The Academy of Movement and Music" One boy wore a cape every day and one girl wore a sun-dress in the middle of Winter. Pick your battles

Notice Karricks eyes? Well, I now have Photo Shop! I have like 4 other photo editing programs, but I wanted the real McCoy! Let me tell you, it may as well be written in Japanese. It's a tough program, but I figured out "color replacement" WooHoo!
My photography teacher will help us 1 on 1 with photo shop if needed. I may schedule that, but I want to be somewhat familiar with it first.

Time to cook up a side of beef

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Anonymous said...

Mary....you crack me up!!!! Keep writing! Vicki P.