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Jan 13, 2010

A Snowman and a thick green booger

In class Karrick read a story called Snowballs, it had great ideas on how to build an interesting snow person. For homework he came home with 3 paper plates taped together and had to create his own interesting snow person. At school each student will tell the class how his snow person was made.

The finished product...Why a snowman car...of course. Look close and you can see little black wheels on the bottom. The blue triangular piece is the windows and the black tail on the back is actually the cars wing.
I will apologize now for the giant green booger hanging out of Karricks nose. He is on his way to a sinus infection->ear infection-> pneumonia or maybe this will be the year that green gunky boogers (that are the size of marbles that are only removed by my pinky finger shoved half way up the kids nose. You know the ones that you tug slowly on and the kids eyes start to water because the tip maybe hanging out, but the end is still stuck up in his sinus cavity) go away on their own w/o a 3 week drawn out production. Sorry I got graphic but I'm a little punchy...I'm on day 2 of a puker and I just bet you, that same as last night, the minute I get in bed Cal will come up saying he didn't make it to the toilet.

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