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Jan 29, 2010


Tonight was a gorgeous full moon and Mars was visible. When I left the house to drive Callahan to basketball at 5:30 I almost ran back in to get my camera. "Aaaaah, I'll bring it when I drive TJ to basketball and pick up Callahan..." Well, I forgot and again almost turned around and ran in for my camera. I figured the moon will still be there in a half hour. Well, by the time I got home the clouds rolled in. Darn-it, absolutely unbelievable. Oh well, I slapped on my zoom lens, shut off auto focus, upped the white balance and set the ISO to 3600. Not a bad picture, makes me wonder what I could have shot when it was lighter and cloudless...grumble grumble grumble
While I had the zoom lens on I snapped Patrick...so cute

and my 13 year old...check out his neck, he is filling out like nobody's business. Now that he is on the volleyball team he is discovering muscles he didn't know he had. I am discovering bags I didn't know I had. These 8 th graders practice 6 times a week. 3 early  6:15 am  cold, dark, gloomy morning practices, then 3 after school 3-6pm practices filled with conditioning. Today he finally was able to walk without groaning. He along with my other 2 are smack dab into basketball season...cause I love to drive. I seriously almost smacked my head on my desk today...I was so tired. A diet coke, 2 cups of tea and a Venti caramel Latte later...

Besides the latte, I did well on my low carb diet and lost 3 lbs in 3 days. Is it the diet or the 24/7 sleepless driving? Congratulations to TJ for getting a much needed 94% on his Social Studies test! He received a personal "Attaboy"  from his teacher/coach

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